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G. Anthony Reina
10-22-1999, 10:39 AM
John Barden wrote:

> The recent postings re: Matlab code for DLT calibration made me curious as
> to whether there are similar routines available for processing of raw EMG
> data (rectification, integration, bandpass filtering, etc.) using Matlab.
> I'd appreciate hearing from anyone who may know of such routines.
> Many thanks.


There's some MATLAB code written to perform Woltring's algorithm
which is a generic spline/low-pass filter. Among other things, we've
used it to do EMG processing (However, the EMG's were already
rectified). Try the ISB site

I have a sample m file which use Woltring's to filter and bin a sample
EMG file. http://isb.ri.ccf.org/software/gcvspl/reina/woltring_filter.m
Maybe you can add on to it to get the rectification and integration
(easy with MATLAB).

Hope that helps.
-Tony Reina

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