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10-26-1999, 01:55 AM
Dear List:
What follows is a summary of responses regarding my inquiry into
"wilderness" exercise science grad programs. As might be expected,
schools in the Rocky Mountain states were mentioned most often. In
some cases the focus on wilderness exercise science seemed department-
wide, sometimes is was just a single faculty member. Regardless,
I had a surprising number of requests NOT to print personal names,
so I will include only a few.

--University of Massachusetts at Amherst. Work has included hiking
poles, boots & shoes, backpacks.
--Northern Michigan University (Marquette, MI). Rock climbing physiology,
they have a force plate mounted on a rock climbing wall, ice climbing,
backpacking, X-C skiing, snow-shoeing, off-road cycling.
--University of Montana, Bozeman
--Utah State University
--University of Calgary
--Indiana University
--Oregon State University
--Alma College (Michigan)
--Texas A&M (contact the outdoor education program)
--University of British Columbia
--University of Colorado (check not only the Kinesiology program
but a fellow there named Gamow (?) who invented the anti-altitude
sickness tent)
--University of Leeds (UK). Some current works include climbing,
biomechanics of sports equipment (esp. footwear), and in
partnership with the School of Textile Industries, test
performance clothing for extreme outdoor environments. Contact
Neil Messenger.
--Manchester Metropolitan University (UK). Primarily locomotion
and energetics studies in areas such as mountaineering, X-C
skiing, and cycling. Contact Alberto Minetti.
--The Norwegian University of Sport and Physical Education in Oslo
has a program called 'friluftliv'. See

Other options and possibilities:
--UK's Defence Evaluation Research Agency (DERA), along with similar
agencies in the USA (USAIEM in Natick) and Canada (DCIEM) do a lot
of work in these areas. They might be potential internship sites.
--Wilderness Medical Society in Colorado (USA). A source of information,
sponsor conferences, etc.

Jeff Ives, Ph.D.
Dept. of Exercise & Sport Sciences Phone: 607-274-1751
Ithaca College Fax: 607-274-1943
Ithaca, NY 14850 USA Email: jives@ithaca.edu

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