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Curt G. Degroff
10-27-1999, 08:56 AM
Dear BIOMCH subscribers:
To those of you who do heavy computational work.
Where are we (collectively if I may) going in regards to NT machines versus
UNIX machines?
I need to buy a new workstation with lots of computational horse power. I am
not concerned so much with graphics. Most of the CFD or FEA software packages
that we use support NT or UNIX (SGI, SUN, etc) and do not yet support things
like LINUX. I hate Windows NT but like many it may be time to see the writing on
the wall.
Any thoughts?


Curt G. DeGroff, M.D.
University of Colorado - Health Science Center
The Children's Hospital, Denver
Pediatric Cardiology
Cardiovascular Flow Laboratory
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(303) 837-2595 FAX

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