View Full Version : Re: NT machines versus UNIX machines

Timothy W. Berger
10-27-1999, 01:21 PM

Avoid NT at all costs. DEQ (Compaq/DEC) makes reasonably priced
workstations with large computation power. We have a 500 MHz, 512 Mb RAM
workstation in our lab for CFD purposes (turbulence) and it cost about
$11,000, which is pretty decent for that much computation power. It might
be cheaper these days.

Why am I so down on NT? Well, NT is not as stable of an operating system
as UNIX, UNIX security is far superior and, personally, I hate the Windows
OS. Microsoft continues to change the operating system, NT2000; which
doesn't allow you to go back to an earlier version or so I was told by a
colleague who tried to load it for computational work. He found he had to
clear his hard drive and start new with the old OS, gave up when that
didn't work so well and went to Linux instead.

For raw computing power, I'd go with the UNIX workstation. E-mail me
personally if you want more info on the machines we have here in our lab.

My take on NT -- it stands for Nice Try, Next Time, Nothing There?

Good luck,


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