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Leonie Otago
10-28-1999, 11:49 AM
Thanks to those who replied. The original posting was:

> We would appreciate any help and advice we can get regarding the use
> of accelerometers in a pool setting. I have checked through the
> archives and cannot find any reference to the use of accelerometers
> on humans in an underwater setting. We are looking at rehabilitation
> exercises both in water and on land.

In reply

I have been tried to monitor of the hand acceleration in swimming strokes
these two years. I know one developer who manufacture the underwater
accelerometer. It' name is "Bruel and Kjar" in Denmark. URL is www.bk.dk.
Please check it. But they make only single axis underwater accelerometer.
So, we have been developed underwater accelerometer device by ourselves. We
use ADXL250 which is bi-axes accelerometer IC chip. And we have used it in
our recent study which will be presented at next years sports engineering
conference in Sydney. Please look our custom made device,

from Yuji OHGI
Faculty of Environmental Information, Keio University
5322, Endo,Fujisawa,Kanagawa, JAPAN
Zip Code 252-8520
Tel +81-466-47-5111 (Ext 3221)

and the following
A short paper can be found in The proceedings of the Second
Conference on the Engineering of Sport pp. 465-472. Authors Y Ohgi,
T. Mokuno, M. Yamagishi and C. Miyaji. A methodology for analysisng
human movement patterns and performanceusing acceleration time
series. Published by Blackwell Science, Edited by S.Haake.

The company who developed the technology is SPINOUT Corp, Ibaraki,
submitted by Dr Mike Lauder
School of Sport Exercise and Leisure
Roehampton Institute London
Whitelands College

Further investigation will continue in looking into these

Leonie Otago

Senior Lecturer,
Injury Prevention and Control Research Group Coordinator
School of Human Movement & Sport Sciences
University of Ballarat
P.O. Box 663, BALLARAT VIC. 3353
Phone: 03 53279677
Fax: 03 53279478
Email: l.otago@ballarat.EDU.AU

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