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Kenneth Monaghan
11-03-1999, 12:27 AM
Dear Colleague

I am currently completing my M Med Sc(Sports Medicine) at U.C.D. and trying
to finish my thesis entitled'Centre of pressure excursion index'
C.P.E.I.-Comparison of foot types post lateral ligament injury.
I am working under the supervision of Dr Hamish Fleming U.C.D
I am having difficulty finding information on the exact measurement of
and any relevant recent articles using the pedobarograph.
My current knowledge of C.P.E.I. is based on Song B.S. etal 1996 Foot Type
Biomechanics- Comparison of planus and rectus Foot Types, Journal of the
American Podiatric Medical Association Vol 86 No 116-23 but I have
had no correspondence from the author. Having learned of your interest in
biomechanics on the net I was hoping you may be able to
help in the above matter.
I intend to group football players according to foot type and compare the
centre of pressure excursion index between normals and those post lateral
ligament injury, but am unsure how to address the C.P.E.I. measurement.
My e-mail address is: kenmonag@indigo.ie

I am using the Musgrave Footprint analysis system and any help that you
could give will be much appreciated.

Yours sincerely

Kenneth Monaghan M.I.S.C.P.

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