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James Chiu
11-11-1999, 04:43 AM

POSITION: Masters level or Ph.D. Mechanical Engineer/Biomechanical
Engineer needed for a small engineering consulting firm. The position
requires a diverse skill set which will be applied to a wide variety of
projects including accident analysis, injury biomechanics, design, dynamic
simulation and computer modeling. Because of the size and dynamic nature
of the company, high energy and flexibility are key ingredients.
Excellent communication skills are required for client interaction and
presentation of engineering analysis and concepts to engineers and
non-engineers in litigation cases.


* Injury analysis/biomechanics
* Computer analysis and modeling
* Automotive/occupant accident dynamics and kinematics
* Analytical and experimental studies
* Identification and solution of complex technical problems
* Client interface
* Accident reconstruction
* Project management
* Field inspections
* Data identification and review
* Literature assimilation, review and application


* M.S. or Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering or Bio(mechanical) Engineering
* Experience in biomechanics
* Experience in dynamic modeling and analysis
* Practical experience in measurement systems/experimental mechanics
* Familiarity with commercially available dynamics/kinematics simulation
* Ability to multi-task
* Excellent communication skills
* Highly motivated

Send resumes to:

Mary Nieuwkerk
Piziali and Associates, Inc.
655 Skyway Road, Suite 202
San Carlos, CA 94070

Phone: 650-802-5930
Fax: 650-802-5949
E-mail: nieuwkem@piziali.com

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