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Kelly Duke
11-16-1999, 04:36 AM
I have recently reviewed a website that offers an excellent tutorial on
back-care, however I found one point that I don't agree with, and would
appreciate some feedback.
In its recommendations on lifting, the site suggests "Squat down to lift
the object, but keep your heels off the floor".
The suggestion to keep the heels off the floor is in opposition to my
recommendation that, when possible, the feet should be kept flat.
Keeping the feet flat allows for better balance (hopefully for most
people) and allows the quads and gluteals to do the work without being
limited by the plantar flexors of the foot. Can anyone confirm that my
reasoning is correct and possibly add to it.
I am in contact with the web designer, who got the "heels up"
information from an informations sheet purchased (with copyrights) from
a third party.

Thank you,
Kelly Duke

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