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Joe Threlkeld
11-16-1999, 07:29 AM

Biomechanics Lab Assistant (Data Coordinator)
Biodynamics Laboratory
Creighton University
Omaha, NE

Temporary (one year), full-time opening for an individual with a background
in biomechanics or human performance data collection. Pending grant
approval, this position may be extended. Must be literate in MS-DOS,
MS-Windows, Excel, ASCII file import/export and manipulation of large data
sets using Excel and statistical analysis packages. Should have some
experience in A/D conversion, collecting and analyzing data from force
platforms and three dimensional kinematics of human motion. Background in
exercise science or kinesiology; experience in human locomotion and
treadmill walking is preferred. This is an exciting opportunity to
participate in clinically applied human research.

The Creighton Biodynamics Laboratory is focused on clinical analysis of
adult movement with particular emphasis on persons with neurologic and
orthopedic impairments. The laboratory is equipped with a MotionAnalysis
Hi-Rez system using EVA, Kintrack and Orthotrak software running on Sun/Unix
and Windows NT platforms. Overground gait and treadmill are the primary
activities targeted for clinical analysis. Adjunctive data are acquired from
a force platform, 8 channel electromyography (surface and fine wire),
accelerometers and footswitch/event markers. DataPak software and Excel are
used extensively to analyze data from these analog sources.

An application for employment can be downloaded from:

The position description can be found at:
under Data Coordinator - School of Pharmacy and Allied Health

Completed applications should be forwarded to:
Anita Horn
Manager of Pre-Employment and Recruitment
Human Resources Administration
Creighton University
2500 California Plaza (Wareham Building)
Omaha, NE 68178

For information about the work environment or duties contact:
A. Joseph Threlkeld, PT, PhD
Director, Biodynamics Laboratory
Creighton University
Omaha, Nebraska 68178

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