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Leo Joskowicz
11-17-1999, 01:05 AM
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* The James H. Belfer Memorial Symposium Series *
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* ISRACAS'2000 *
* *
* Thursday, May 18, 2000 *
* Technion-Israel Institute of Technology *
* Haifa, ISRAEL *
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* Sponsored by *
* Technion - Israel Institute of Technology *
* The Hebrew University *
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* and *
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* GE Medical Systems Israel *
* Centers of Excellence for Magnetic Resonance, *
* Nuclear Medicine, Ultrasound and Intraoperative Imaging *
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* International Society of Computer Aided Surgery. *
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Symposium Organizers

L. Joskowicz PhD The Hebrew University, Jerusalem
M. Shoham DSc Technion -- Israel Institute of Technology


The goal of the Symposium is to convene in Israel clinicians, scientists,
and engineers actively interested in medical imaging, computer science, and
robotics, and their application to the planning, monitoring, and execution
of medical surgeries. The symposium is the sequel of the first and second
ISRACAS symposia, held on May 4th, 1998 at Technion, and May 6, 1999 at the
Hebrew University. Each was attended by over 150 participants (evenly
distributed between clinicians, industry, and engineering academia). The
one-day events included four to six invited speakers, 15 oral presentations
of refereed papers, and several system demonstrations. Abstracts of
selected peer-reviewed papers will be published in the Journal of
Computer-Aided Surgery.

Symposium format

The one-day symposium consists of five invited talks by internationally
recognized experts, 10-15 paper presentations, and project and product
exhibits. In addition, we are planning a special industrial session.

Symposium Topics

Relevant research in Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering,
Biomechanics, and Electrical Engineering including but not limited to:

- multi-modal image reconstruction and segmentation
- architectures, control, and applications of medical robots
- virtual and augmented reality surgery, telesurgery
- image and sensor data registration
- computer-aided diagnosis and preoperative planning
- intraoperative surgical monitoring, support, and planning
- surgical simulators, anatomical modeling, atlases
- safety issues in computer-assisted surgery

All medical specialties include but are not limited to:

- radiology
- orthopaedics and traumatology
- laparoscopy, endoscopy, arthroscopy
- neurosurgery
- cardio-vascular surgery
- minimally invasive surgery
- urology
- craniofacial surgery and dentistry


Full-length technical papers or extended abstracts (3-5 pages) of
surveys, clinical studies, position papers, and panel topics for
presentation at the Symposium are solicited. Submissions will be
reviewed by members of the local and international program committee.
Accepted extended abstracts will be published in a preprints booklet
to be distributed to Symposium participants. Authors should send either
electronic copies in ASCII, LaTeX, Word, or Postscript (preferred) or
hard-copies (3 sets) to the address below.


Submission January 7, 2000
Notice of acceptance March 3, 2000
Camera-ready papers March 30, 2000
Symposium May 18, 2000


An equipment and systems exhibition will be be held in parallel to the
lectures. Exhibitors will get a chance to address the audience. If
you want to exhibit your system, please contact the organizers.

Invited speakers (confirmed)

Phillipe Merloz, MD, Dept of Orthopaedic Surgery, Univ J. Fourier,
Grenoble, France
"Clinical aspects of computer-assisted spine surgery"

J.C. Bowersox, MD PhD, Dept of Surgery, University of California,
San Francisco, USA
"Telesurgery: from development to clinical applications"

At least two more invited speakers -- one on medical robotics and one on medical
image processing, to be confirmed.

Local Program Committee

D. Adam PhD Technion
M. Berman PhD Biomedicom Ltd
R. Beyar MD DSc Rambam MC and Technion
M. Blumenfeld PhD GE Medical Systems Israel Ltd
Y. Charit PhD Technion
D. Cohen-Or PhD Tel-Aviv University
M. Gomori MD Hadassah Hospital
P. Itzchak MD Tel Hashomer
D. Maor PhD InSight Therapeutics Ltd
C. Milgrom MD Hadassah Hospital
M. Roffman MD Carmel Hospital
A. Simkin PhD Hadassah Hospital
R. Yagel PhD InSight Therapeutics Ltd
M. Zahler PhD Contec Medical Ltd

Industrial Liason: Ori Hadomi, DenX

International Advisory Board

N. Ayache PhD INRIA, Sophia-Antipolis, France
R. Bucholz MD St. Louis U., USA
A. Colchester PhD U. of Kent, UK
P. Dario PhD Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, Italy
B. Davies PhD Imperial College, UK
A. DiGioia MD Shadyside Hospital, Pittsburgh USA
S. Delp PhD Northwestern U., USA
E. Grimson PhD MIT, USA
B. Jaramaz PhD Shadyside Hospital, Pittsburgh USA
L. Kavoussi MD Johns Hopkins U., USA
R. Kikinis MD Harvard Medical School, USA
S. Lavallee PhD TIMC-IMAG, Grenoble, France
H. Lemke PhD Technische Universitat, Berlin, Germany
P. Merloz MD Centre Universitaire et Hospitalier Grenoble, France
R. Mosges MD U. of Cologne, Germany
L. Nolte PhD U. of Bern, Switzerland
R. Phillips PhD U. of Hull, UK
D. Stulberg MD Northwestern U., USA
R.H. Taylor PhD Johns Hopkins U., USA
J. Troccaz PhD TIMC-IMAG, Grenoble, France
M. Vannier MD University of Iowa, USA

Symposium Venue

The Symposium will be held in Haifa, at the Technion City.


Following are three hotels in Haifa (transportation required).
We urge you to book early, as May is a busy tourist season.

Dan Panorama Haifa
107 Hanassi Ave.
Haifa, Israel
Tel: (+972)(0)4-8303020
Fax: (+972)(0)4-8377573
Category: *****

Nof Hotel
101 Hanassi Ave.
Haifa 34642, Israel
Tel: (+972)(0)4-8354311
Fax: (+972)(0)4-8388810
Category: ****

Dvir Hotel
124 Yafe Nof St.
Haifa, Israel
Tel: (+972)(0)4-8389131
Fax: (+972)(0)4-8381068
Category: ***


Participants are required to register and pay a nominal fee which
entitles them to a copy of the Symposium proceedings and coffee break

Early registration: IS 200 (US $50) IS 100 (US $25) for students
(by April 1st, 2000)
On-site registration: IS 250 (US $60) IS 125 (US $30) for students

We encourage participants to register early, as the number of
participants will be limited.

Please e-mail or fax the following information to one of the symposium

For registration and more information contact:

Dr. Leo Joskowicz Prof. Moshe Shoham
Institute of Computer Science Department of Mechanical Engineering
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem Technion-Israel Institute of Technology
Givat Ram, Jerusalem 91904, Israel Technion City, Haifa 32000, Isreal
Phone: +(972)-2-658-6299 Phone: +(972)-4-829-3264
FAX: +(972)-2-658-5439 FAX: +(972)-4-832-4533
E-mail: josko@cs.huji.ac.il Email: shoham@tx.technion.ac.il

Check our web site for frequent updates:


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Third Israeli Symposium
Computer-Aided Surgery, Medical Robotics, and Medical Imaging








Payment: enclose a check to the name of ISRACAS'2000

Check one:

Early registration: __ IS 200 (or US $50)
__ IS 100 (or US $25) for students
(by March 31st, 2000)
On-site registration: -- IS 250 (or US $60)
__ IS 125 (or US $30) for students

Send, together with your payment to:

Dr. Leo Joskowicz josko@cs.huji.ac.il
Institute of Computer Science,
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem,
Givat Ram Campus,
Jerusalem 91904, Israel,
Fax: +972-2-658-5439.
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