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Dr. Nissan Moshe
11-17-1999, 10:55 PM
Dear netters:

Some years ago I built a simple system for measuring add/abduction in
the shoulder. I posted a qs about suggested configuration, and finally
due to financial shortage (like some of us...) I had to settle for an
Accu-Data A/D and I/O system with a simple 1-axis goniometer.
Now we got some extra cents and we want to upgrade the system. I assume
new systems and cards are now in the market, so I'll pose the question

I'll be grateful for info regarding a set of goniometers and
accelerometers or other transducers that will enable us measure the
movements around the shoulder in reasonable accuracy not using video or
photographic evaluation; and info regarding the available/recommended
A/D and I/O cards/software/systems that will be able to receive the data
from the above transducers and analyse it both graphically and
Is MatLab still that good?
Maybe there is a complete, non video based setup?
I'll be grateful for sharing your experience with me
Moshe Nissan, PhD
Tel-Aviv Sourasky Medical Center
6 Weizmann St
Tel-Aviv 64239
tel: 972-3-6974720/4675
fax: 972-3-6974546


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