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Nikolai Gantchev
11-18-1999, 05:01 AM

Dear Friends and Colleagues
It gives us a great pleasure to announce that an International Conference on
Motor Control entitled
is on the way to be organised at the Black Sea, near Varna (Albena or Golden
sands) in Bulgaria. The meeting is scheduled to be organised from 22 to 26
September 1999. Tradition of international, motor-control symposia began
1969 in Bulgaria. Thus next year it will be just 30 years from the First
Motor Control meeting organised in Bulgaria!
During the last year the idea was discussed with many friends and colleagues
working in a Motor control area to have another Conference on Motor Control
in Bulgaria related to the anniversary.
Thus with a great pleasure we are inviting you to join the Conference
Inviting you to participate we are targeting to:
- bring the link in between clinical and theoretical point of views in
Motor Control
- bringing together leading scientists, leading clinicians as well as young
scientists and clinicians who work in the same field but adopt different
approaches in their research, particularly by focusing on different levels
of the nervous system and by using different techniques of movement analysis
-. training sessions on the use of various techniques are planned to be
organised sponsored by the leading Firms working in the field of Movement
-. An additional objective of the proposed conference, is to offer an
opportunity for young scientists from Central and Eastern European countries
to update their knowledge and establish new professional contacts which
could hopefully lead to collaborative arrangements
-. At last but not the last…keeping the tradition and existing potential

Studies on Motor Control, i.e. the neural control of posture and movement,
have occupied positions of importance in physiology, psychology clinical
neurology and physical medicine for over a century. Despite this
multidisciplinary focus, the general processes involved in the
transformation from a desired movement to appropriate patterns of muscle
activation, are not yet all known. The "mysterious function" of the
different structures of the brain responsible for the interaction between
posture and movements has received a considerable attention for the last
hundred years of experimental and theoretical studies.
However, the knowledge about how we plan and initiate movements, how we keep
them going and how we are able to terminate the ongoing movements still
remains to be broadened. How the brain can cope with existing internal and
external constraints of the body itself to produce a skilful movement was
and remains a challenging problem for the scientists in the field of Motor
Control. Plasticity, adaptation and motor learning the fascinating features
of Higher Nervous System, will also be addressed during the meeting.

Leading scientists and clinicians are invite to give a lecture (30-40
minutes followed by 10-15 minutes discussion), in which they would have both
to present an overview of the different models and theories available in
their field, to evaluate recent progress (not only recent experimental
findings of the lecturer himself) and also to give a glimpse of the future
Clinicians and scientists will be given the opportunity to listen to the
lectures, to meet these leading scientists and to present their own work in
poster sessions. We intend having "talking" posters in order to favour
discussions between young and senior scientists.
Special attention will be given to the Round table organised on Equilibrium
Point theory which will bring together the leading scientists in this field.
The main characteristic of the proposed Conference is to offer, within four
days, an overview of different areas of Motor Control from theoretical to
clinical points of view. The main hope is to enrich the knowledge of the
young participants and to widen their horizons from the restricted area
dealt with during their thesis work towards other aspects of Motor Control.
Central and Eastern European countries have been playing an important role
in research in the Motor Control area. We hope to have young scientists from
these countries to improve scientific collaborations (or elaborate new ones)
between them and the rest of Europe and all over the world

Gantcho GANTCHEV and Nikolai GANTCHEV

Organising Committee:
Volker DIETZ, Mark LATASH, Jean MASSION, Shigemi MORI, Dejan POPOVIC George

Among Invited Speakers Are:

F Horak, W Lee, M Woollacott, J Massion, J Paillard VS Gurfinkel S Bouisset
A Patla A Pedotti F Clarac B Maki S Mori R Dubuc A Delarque D Popovic Z
Rymer H-J Freund V Dietz T Brandt A Struppler M Latash E Bizzi A Feldman I
Gelfand T Drew, G Stelmach, D Stuart T Sinkjaer, HM Toussaint, M Hogan,

The meeting will take place near Varna, in Albena or Golden Sands a world
known sea resorts. More details on registration, accommodation, etc. will be
e-mailed (or otherwise delivered) to all those who express interest and/or
submit an abstract for the Conference.
Proceedings: Four pages which will contain Introduction, Methods, Results,
Discussion of accepted presentations will be published in Conference
Proceedings which will be available during the Conference.
Instructions for Proceedings Submission:
Please, type Proceedings on a four pages, single-spaced, using a 12 point
font (Times recommended). Start with the title in CAPITAL LETTERS, followed
by the names of the authors and (University/Company, Town, Country in
parentheses). You can either mail a printed copy with a disk (IBM-
formatted, please with two files, in the original editor and in ASCII or
text-only) (NB no Mac please) or e-mail the Proceedings as part of a regular
electronic letter (preferred). In the latter case, please do not use any

Note: Book collecting the presentation of invited speakers together with
selected poster presentations is planned to be published by Human Kinetics Publ.
Proceedings submission May 01, 1999
Notification to authors: May 30 1999
Early registration: July 01, 1999
Conference dates 22-26 September, 1999

A technical exhibition will be arranged at the Conference venue. It will be
open to manufacturers of scientific, medical and sports equipment, to
pharmaceutical and software companies, and scientific publishers. Companies
who wish to participate in the technical exhibition should contact the
Nikolai Gantchev (address below)
welcoming reception, official dinner, and a cruise to Kaliakra ancient site,
Varna Monastery, Varna tour possibly boat tours planned to be included
We are exploring the possibility to offer a Breakfasts, Lunches and Dinners
during the meeting with a moderate prices
NB Soon you will be given an opportunity to visit Conference Website for
updated information!
regular participants $300 up to July 01, 1999
students $150
regular participants $400 after July 30, 1999
students $200
The fee includes the proceedings and all scientific and social activities.
Cheques, money orders, or bank drafts should be drawn in US dollars (no
credit cards), made payable to the "Motor Control Conference"
NB In December 1998 you will be provided with a Bank account
VENUE near Varna sea capital of Bulgaria (in Albena or Golden sands)
Participants will be provided with the information about valuable
accommodation and how to book the rooms during December 1998
TRAVEL INFORMATION Varna is accessible by car, bus, air, and rail. Varna
Regional Airport handles commuter flights from most of the places in Europe
All cancellations received by August 01, 1999 will be assessed a US$100
non-refundable fee. There will be no refunds after this date.
LANGUAGE The official language of the Conference is English. Simultaneous
translation will not be available.

Please, fill the form below and (e-)mail it to the : gantchev@lnf.cnrs-mrs.fr

Surname: ______________________First name______________________

Affiliation:______________________________________ _____________

Mailing address (including postal code):___________________________

__________________________________________________ __________

Telephone:________________________ Fax:_______________________

e-mail:_____________________________________________ _________
I plan to attend the Conference _________
I plan to submit an Abstract _________
topic/title:____________________________________________ ____________________
Abstract is attached to the message _________
Please keep me informed for the progress of the organisation _________

Looking forward to welcome you in Bulgaria!

On behalf of the Organising Committee,

Gantcho GANTCHEV and Nikolai GANTCHEV

NB: Please address all the correspondence to
************************************************** *
UPR Neurobiologie et Movements, CNRS
31 Chemin Joseph-Aiguier, 13402 Marseille cedex 20 FRANCE
Phone 33 4 91 16 41 00
Fax 33 4 91 77 50 84
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