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Carol F. Kallfelz
11-18-1999, 08:35 AM
Dear Subscribers,

Please bear with yet another request for advice on knee models: I would
appreciate hearing from those of you who have implemented one of the
many published models of the knee to solve the indeterminate problem.

My goal is a familiar one: to predict the muscle, ligament, and
articular contact forces throughout the gait cycle using kinematic,
ground reaction force, and anthropometric data. Id prefer to use an
existing dynamic, rigid body model. Accuracy, particularly of the
contact forces, is my primary concern; ease of implementation is
secondary. Ive identified the following models/approaches as possible

Schipplein and Andriacchi (1991) Interaction between active and passive
knee stabilizers during level walking. J Orthop Res 9:113-119

Tumer and Engin (1993) Three-body segment dynamic model of the human
knee. Transactions of the ASME 115:350-6 (modified for the inverse
dynamic problem)

Collins JJ (1995) The redundant nature of locomotor optimization laws. J
Biomech 28(3):251-267. (later modified and validated by Lu et al

Glitsch and Baumann (1997) The three-dimensional determination of
internal loads in the lower extremity. J Biomech 11/12:1123-1131

Before committing to one, I would appreciate advice from anyone who has
had practical experience (good or bad) with any of the above. Are there
well-established benefits/limitations of each? How sensitive is the
model to anatomical detail (i.e., can generic anatomy be used with
reasonable confidence if CT/MRI of individual subjects is not possible)?
And is there a more appropriate model that I have overlooked? General
comments (of the if I knew then what I know now kind) concerning 2D
vs. 3D, phenomenological vs. anatomical models, the importance of
including the patellofemoral joint, optimization criteria, role of EMG,
etc. would also be most welcome.

Thanks in advance for your help.


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