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Kajsa Hannson
09-17-1992, 01:13 AM
Dear Readers,

I am a Ph.D. student in Systems Analysis and I do research in biomechanics.
Presently I am concentrating upon analysis and simulation of human gait. The
aim with the project is to develop models for both simulation and analysis of
movement pattern and underlying forces. These models will be based on
measured data, movements and ground reaction forces (the inverse dynamic

I will be enormously grateful to receive answers to some or all of the following

- How do the model/s you are using today in your work look like?

- What measurement devices are you using?
- and computer hardware and software?
- operating system?
- programming language?
- commercial programmes, such as graphics libraries?

- How are the transformations to anatomical positions done?

- How are the mechanical models formulated?

- How are the body segment parameters estimated?

- How are velocities and accelerations estimated?

- Do you have any literature references that describe the models in detail?

Thank you very much for any help !

Kajsa Hansson

Master of Science, PhD Student
Automatic Control and Systems Analysis Group
Uppsala University

Email: kh@frej.teknikum.uu.se