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Jeffrey Cartmell
11-19-1999, 08:06 AM

As part of my research project, I am planning to do mechanical testing
of rabbit patellar tendon specimens. I would like to do testing on the
tendon itself (without the bone ends attached), but may consider using a
bone-tendon complex. I am having difficulty achieving adequate gripping
of the samples on our Instron mechanical tester, and was wondering if
this group could be of help. A number of protocols utilizing custom
clamps and/or potting methods appear in the literature, specifically
utilizing liquid nitrogen.

I was wondering if anyone has information on:
1. What are the best methods for gripping the specimens if the bone
attachmenst are left intact ?
2. What are the best methods for gripping the specimens if the bone
attachments are removed ?
3. Are liquid nitrogen cooled grips for tissue esting comercially
available, and if so who is the supplier ?
4. Are there other methods of gripping tendon (either with or without
the bone attachments) which you can recommend?

I will be happy to list a summary of the responses to this query. Thank
you in advance for your help.

- J. Cartmell

Jeffrey S. Cartmell
Ph.D. Candidate
Biomedical Engineering
Rutgers University and UMDNJ
email: cartmejs@umdnj.edu
phone: (732) 235-6954
fax: (732) 235-6002

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