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Spriggs, Jonathan
11-28-1999, 07:00 PM
Spriggs, Jonathan
Email: Jonathan.Spriggs@uwe.ac.uk
"University of the West of England"

Dear All

We are comparing the performance of a number of different
force/pressure plates against a Kistler system (Kistler
Force Plate (9281B12 SN 517788)) using Kistler as the
standard for our comparisons. Some where along the line I
need to reference the genearl accuracy of the Kistler
system - does anyone know of or are there any published
papers or articles where the accuracy in general has been
measured and which we could use as publication references?
I have been in contact with Kistler who have provided two
sources of information but both of these are internal


Jon Spriggs

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