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11-28-1999, 07:25 PM

Sixth International Symposium on the 3D Analysis of Human Movement

1 - 4 May 2000, Cape Town, South Africa

Official Event of the International Society of Biomechanics


The International Symposium on the 3D Analysis of Human Movement is a
scientific and technical forum for investigators of human motion,
whether their work is applied to the study of musculoskeletal
disability or disease, sport and elite performance, or basic studies
of biomechanics. By generating communication and contact between
scientific disciplines and specialities, the Symposium will be
directed at sharing information and results related to solving
problems of 3D measurement and analysis.


The conference will span three days, and will include four keynote
presentations, forty fiteen-minute oral scientific presentations,
and a number of technical presentations from industry. Because we
wish to retain the intimate nature of these meetings, registration
will be limited to the first 100 applicants.


Please contact Ms Jenny Theron and ask her to send you, as an e-mail
attachment, the registration and accommodation forms which will include
all the costs.

e-mail: jtheron@curie.uct.ac.za


The symposium venue and recommended hotel for delegates is:

The Vineyard Hotel
Colinton Rd
Cape Town
South Africa

tel: + 27 21 683 3044
fax: + 27 21 683 3365
e-mail: odette@vineyard.co.za

We have reserved a block of rooms and have negotiated a rate that is
less than the standard published rate. When making your booking with
the hotel, you should mention that you will be attending the 3D
Symposium to get the discounted rate. Please be aware that you must
book by 29 February 2000, otherwise you will have to pay the higher


Ms Deborah McTeer
Postgraduate Conference Division
Barnard Fuller Building
University of Cape Town
Anzio Road, Observatory 7925
South Africa

tel: + 27 21 406 6381
fax: + 27 21 448 6263
e-mail: deborah@curie.uct.ac.za


Professor Christopher L Vaughan
Hyman Goldberg Chair of Biomedical Engineering
University of Cape Town
Faculty of Health Sciences
Observatory, 7925
South Africa

tel: + 27 21 406 6238
fax: + 27 21 448 3291
e-mail: kvaughan@anat.uct.ac.za


Professor Garth R Johnson
Centre for Rehabilitation and Engineering Studies
Stephenson Building
University of Newcastle
Newcastle Upon Tyne NE1 7RU
United Kingdom

tel: + 44 191 222 6196
fax: + 44 191 222 8600
e-mail: g.r.johnson@newcastle.ac.uk


Abstract submission: 15 January 2000
Notification to authors: 29 February 2000


The four page manuscript is a complete mini-paper with figures and
references, and will be published in the Proceedings. Each
submission is to represent original work that has not been reported
elsewhere. The paper may report significant results of current pilot
studies which may lead to subsequent journal publications, and as
such we do not claim any copyright privileges.

All papers are to be up to FOUR 8 x 11 inch or A4 pages in length.
The characters should be 10 point Times type or equivalent (12
characters to the inch), and single spaced. The title of the paper
in capital letters is centred on the first page about 20mm from the
top. Leave one line space, and centre the names of the author and
co-authors, affiliations and addresses below the title. Start the
text 70mm from the top of the first page and 25mm from the top of
subsequent pages. Indent each paragraph 4 spaces. The text is to be
in two columns each 80mm wide, separated by a 15mm space, with equal
margins on both sides, justified to the maximum column width. Text
should finish 250mm from the top of the page. Headings should be in
capitals, left justified and in bold, and preceded by a single
blank line. Second-level headings should be in upper and lower case
bold type, indented 4 spaces from the left margin. Figures may be
full width if necessary. Use SI units throughout -- papers based on
Imperial units will be rejected.

All papers must be submitted electronically using the following ftp


username: isb3d
password: isb3d

Files should be written to the isb3d directory ONLY. These files cannot
be edited or deleted by the user after transfer. The name of the file
should be the first 8 letters of the corresponding author's last name.

All files should be in Rich Text Format (RTF). Any file not in this
format will be deleted before being read by the University of Newcastle
(this step is being taken for virus protection reasons).

Once you have submitted your file, you should send an e-mail message to
Garth Johnson. This e-mail will serve as your proof of submission, and
no files will be processed until the e-mail has been received by Garth.

e-mail: g.r.johnson@newcastle.ac.uk


The homepage for the 3D Human Movement group is at:


The homepage for the Symposium in May 2000 is at:



The next announcement for this meeting will be sent out in January

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