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11-29-1999, 02:29 AM

The Johns Hopkins University/Center for Talented Youth (JHU/CTY) is looking
for instructors and laboratory assistants to teach Exercise Physiology and
Sports Medicine in the Center for Academic Advancement (CAA) summer
residential programs for academically talented middle and high school
students. The course description for Exercise Physiology and Sports
Medicine is below.

Courses are taught at college campuses on the east and west coast. JHU/CTY
pays a competitive salary and provides room and board on the college
campus; staff are responsible for their own travel expenses to and from the
site. Dates for the two three-week sessions are June 25-July 14 and/or
July 16-August 5.

Applications may be downloaded from
http://www.jhu.edu/~gifted/acadprog/jobs/jobapps.htm. If you have any
questions or would like have an application mailed to you, please contact
Academic Programs at academic@jhunix.hcf.jhu.edu or 410-516-0053. Provide
your name and address (mailing or e-mail) if you are requesting an

For information on . . .


Terms of Summer Employment
Exercise is an integral part of our culture, ranging from backyard games to
world-class competitions. Regardless of the competitive level of any
athletic activity, the human body adapts to meet physical challenges,
whether throwing or catching a ball, performing a routine on the balance
beam, or simply running around the track. Along with the physical stress of
these activities sometimes come injuries.

This course exposes students to the growing field of exercise physiology
and sports medicine. Students study the anatomical structure and function
of the body's bones, muscles, cardiovascular system, and respiratory
system. They also explore trends in rehabilitation and surgery for common
injuries in a variety of sports and innovative methods to prevent these
injuries. This course includes lab work to explore such topics as muscle
function (involving frog dissection), aerobic and anaerobic threshold, and
electrolyte balance. Students also take blood pressure and evaluate
electrocardiogram (EKG) measurements, as well as participate in field trips
to sports medicine or physical therapy clinics.

================================================== =====
Christine Taylor, Coordinator (410) 516.0314
CTY - Johns Hopkins University (410) 516.0053 fax
3400 N Charles St http://www.jhu.edu/~gifted
Baltimore, Maryland 21218

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