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11-30-1999, 09:10 PM
Good morning,

Excuse-me for yesterday, my question was not exact enough.
I am working on an experimental model of lesion of the labro-bicipital complex.
I am looking forward to know the biceps muscle force I must applied to the
long head biceps tendon.
I have fund an article from Pagnani M.J. called : Effect of lesions of the
superior portion of glenoid labrum on glenohumeral translation. I do not
understand how they find the constant force of 55 N applied on the long head
of the biceps muscle during their experiment, as a simulating contraction
force of this muscle.I have already read the article of Bassett at al.
called : Glenohumeral muscle force and moment mechanics in a position of
shoulder instability. we have just find a 16.8 N/cm for the long head of the
biceps, and no explanations about the force applied on this tendon.

Thank you for your help.

Philippe CLAVERT

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Laboratoire de Biomécanique du Géboas
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