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12-01-1999, 09:02 AM
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A postdoctoral position is available starting March 1 2000 at the
Musculoskeletal Centre at Queen's University. A PhD with a background in
Spine Mechanics and/or Motion Analysis or related areas is preferred. The
position is funded through the Workers' Safety and Insurance Board of
Ontario. The project consists of the development of a 3D motion analysis
lab including the Motion Star system and the analysis of tasks identified
as difficult by pregnant women with emphasis on back pain prevention. The
project involves the improvement of existing models to evaluate loads on
the spine and take into account the changing anthropometrics of pregnant
women. This is a 1.5 year position, with possibility of extension if funds
become available. Minimum salary of $33,000.

Please contact:

Genevieve Dumas, PhD, PEng,
Associate Professor
Mechanical Engineering
Queen's University
Kingston, Ontario
K7L 3N6
Phone: 613 533 2648
Fax: 613 533 6489
Email: dumas@me.queensu.ca

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