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Kelly Duke
12-02-1999, 02:14 AM
I am not a Physical Therapist, but I do injury prevention for a Health
region. I have researched techniques for performing
patient transfers and I advocate using those that utilize
weight-transfer to accomplish the move.
My background is in ergonomics and an important principle for injury
prevention is to maintain "neutral" body positions.
Therefore when I am promoting a particular technique I encourage people
to maintain a neutral pelvis position rather than
the "pelvic tilt" that was often taught to Healthcare workers in the
past. In fact I sometimes use the phrase, "stick your butt out"
- for people who have the habit of doing the pelvic tilt, not to promote
hyper-extension, but to promote maintenance of lumbar
lordosis (similar to the "Power Position" that is advocated in many
My thought on the reason that the pelvic tilt was taught is that it was
a manner by which therapists could help people to learn to

engage the abdominal muscles - I would counter that the abdominals can
still be engaged, but that there doesn't have to be an
associated movement. In fact you also want to co-contract the back and
hip extensors to provide support to the torso.
I would like to be able to defend my recommendations as they apply to
patient transferring, or if research proves me wrong,
make the appropriate changes.
Can I get some feedback on this issue, especially any references to
research on the topic (research that either supports or
refutes the concept of using a pelvic tilt when transferring patients -
as I haven't been able to find anything specific to patient
My preference is that responses be addressed to the list-serv for all to
view, though if you would like to respond to me directly
that is fine.

Thank You,

Kelly Duke B.Sc.

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