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12-02-1999, 04:42 AM
Post-doc Position/
Graduate Research Assistantship
Biomechanics and Movement Science Program
University of Delaware

Applications are now being solicited from highly motivated individuals for
a Post-doctoral position and a graduate research assistantship within the
PhD Program in Biomechanics and Movement Science.

The POSTDOCTORAL position is for a US Army funded project to study
biomechanical and structural factors in the etiology of stress fractures.
This is a dual-center prospective study in collaboration with the
University of Massachusetts. The RESEARCH ASSISTANT position is within
a multidisciplinary graduate program in Biomechanics and Movement Science.
Research is focused in the area of lower extremity mechanics and injury.
Current topics of study include relationships between foot structure,
mechanics and injury, effect or inverted orthotic intervention on
mechanics, gait retraining in runners, strike pattern and mechanics,
stress fractures and patellofemoral disorders.

The Motion Analysis Laboratory is a 2500 sq foot facility which houses a 6
camera Vicon motion analysis system, 2 Bertec force platforms and a 16
channel Motion Labs EMG system.

Strongest consideration will be given to be given to applicants with
research experience in areas related to these ongoing topics. For more
information, please contact:

Irene McClay, PhD, PT
Director of Research, Joyner Sportsmedicine Institute
Associate Professor, Dept. of Physical Therapy
305 McKinly Lab
University of Delaware
Newark, DE 19716

(302)831-4234 (fax)

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