View Full Version : Re: SUMMARY - Foam for molds/impressions of body parts?

Robert Day
12-06-1999, 10:36 AM
I have come late to this discussion, but if you are interested in restraining
and/or locating body parts for testing, we have used fibreglass casting tape
successfully in the past for this application. This is the same stuff used
to make orthopaedic casts, and is used just like POP bandages; soak in warm
water and then apply by hand. The last brand I used was 3M, but there are
lots on the market.

Basically, you make a cast or back slab on the part to be located, and attach
any fixtures to the outside with the same tape. If you make a full cast it
has to be cut off, of course, but with the edges trimmed it can be used to
accurately reposition body parts comfortably many times.


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