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Bryan Schnick
12-07-1999, 02:13 AM
Dear list members:

I am attempting to find information relating to strangulation deaths caused
by the use of a posey vest. The vest I am interested in is manufactured by
Tecnol and fastens similar to a bathrobe with a crisscrossing "V" front and
four restraint straps. I have performed a search with limited success.
Most of my findings deal with case histories with no actual determination of
the forces involved or the actual manner in which the restraint contributed
to the death of the patient. It also seems that the majority of the deaths
are the result of secondary effects of being restrained such as heart
failure and not as a result of the vest actually strangling the patient. I
have also found no information relating to the quantification of the amount
of force required to cause strangulation.

I would appreciate any research references or help on the following:

- Amount of force required to cause strangulation
- The secondary effects of strangulation and at which force levels or time
duration these effects start to appear
- The forces that could be imposed on the patient by the posey vest
- Whether a posey vest of the described design could migrate into a
position in which it would cause strangulation
- Any other histories of deaths caused by the use of the posey vest and the
direct result of these deaths
- Any other information relating to the safety of the design and use of the
posey vest

Thanks in advance,

Bryan Schnick
Biomedical Engineer

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