View Full Version : foams for molding-clarification

Stephen Sprigle
12-07-1999, 03:04 AM
From: "Peter W. Johnson"
Subject: SUMMARY - Foam for molds/impressions of body parts?

Based on what I have received, it appears using foam for impressions of
parts is probably not too practical due to the risk for burning subjects as
the foam heats when it cures.<

i'm sorry if i was unclear in my previous post,
but we commonly mold foam around body parts
during certain wheelchair seating and postural correction interventions;
the foam that we use is definitely not too hot, rather it is warm and cozy;

i have personally used dynamic systems foam in place and otto bock
for purposes nearly identical to yours;
i have also used the 'can of insulation' to foam around body parts- this is

available via mcmaster-carr or other industrial supply places

alginate might work well, but in my experience, has a much shorter life
than these foams

stephen sprigle
helen hayes hospital
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