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Nelson Sierra
12-07-1999, 03:59 PM
There seems to be quite a bit of interest in this topic. I am
appreciative to all those who responded. Here are the replies and I
hope this information will be helpful for others.

nelson sierra

Paxton, Anne et al , Am J Clin Nutr 1998;67:104-110.
Culver, C, Viano, DC. Human Factors, 1990;32(6):625-636.
Jensen, RK, Doucet, S and Treitz,T. J Biomech 1995 (don't have the vol

Please advise if you have any better luck and keep in touch.
Angela Tate

Look up the work of Robert Jenson (or Jensen?) around the early to mid
1990's. I recall a very nice study investigating the different COM
distributions of pregnant women.

Good Luck,


My previous supervisor, Dr. Robert Jensen from Laurentian University,
published a paper in the Journal of Biomechanics entitled "Changes in
segment mass and mass distribution during pregnancy".
See Vol 29, No. 2, pp. 251-256, 1996.

Hope it helps

Vicky Chester

Paul JA et al (1995) Pregnant Women and Working Surface Height and
Working Surface Areas for Standing Manual Work, Appl Ergon, 26(2),

Not a lot is available but here are a few I have come across. I would be

very intrested in a summary of replies

Jensen R, Treitz T, Doucet S. (1996). Prediction of human segment
during pregnancy Journal of Applied Biomechanics 12 15-30
Jensen R, Doucet S,Treitz T,. (1996). Changes in segment mass and mass
distribution during pregnancy. Journal Biomechanics 29(2) 251-256
Culver C and Viano D (1990). Anthropometry of seated women during
pregnancy:defining a fetal region for crash protection research. Human
Factors 32(6) 625-636
Pheasant S. (1986). Body space. Section 10.4 Pregnancy. Taylor and
London [this is an english translation of the next one]
Yamana N, Okabe K, Nakano C, Zenitani Y, Saita T. (1984). The body form
pregnant women in monthly transistions. Japanese Journal of Ergonomics

Ostgaard, H. C., Andersson, G. B., Schultz, A. B. Miller, J. A. (1993).
Influence of some biomechanical factors on low-back pain in pregnancy
18(1) 61-65

I also have some on fat proportions and weight gain if you are
in that
Wendy Gilleard

International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics,
v21(1998) pgs 383-395. This paper gives some references to data sources.

Steve Morrissey
Ergonomics Consultant
Oregon OSHA Consultative Services

Pheasant, S. (1986). Bodyspace: Anthropometry, Ergonomics and
Design. Taylor & Francis: Philadelphia

Brian T. Fay, M.S.

Jemsen, RK (1993) Human morphology: It's role in the mechanics of
movement Journal of Biomechanics 26:1, 81-94.
It has a section on changes in mass and mass distribution in
prenatal babies and pregnant women. This article also makes reference
to 2 papers which I have not read:

Jensen and Macdonald (1991) A modelling approach to growth curves for
body segments during pregnancy. Paper, Canadian Association of Sports
Science meeting, October, Kingston, Ontario.

Joop and Vermaat (1998)New equations for estimating body fat mass in
pregnancy form body density of total body water. Am Soc Clin Nutr.

Hope this helps,

Nikki Austin

Look at some information from Larry Wolfe (Queen's University). I am
afraid that I cannot give you specifics, but he is one of the most oft
quoted/referenced in this area. You could also email him - check out
QUeen's University Website for his email (www.queensu.ca) {School of
Physical and Health Education}

Ryan Johnson

The University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute is
currently investigating the injury tolerance of pregnant women and their
fetuses during motor vehicle
accidents. They should definitely have information on the anthropometry
of pregnant women. You will want to contact Dr. Lawrence Schneider at
the following email
address: umtri@umich.edu

Good Luck!

Jill Vandenburg
Simula Technologies, Inc.

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