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Nolan Lee
12-07-1999, 09:17 PM
A post is advertised for a part-time research worker in the gait laboratory
at the Disablement Services Centre, Withington Hospital, Manchester, UK.

Manchester Disablement Services Centre is a Sub-Regional Centre for the
North West prosthetic rehabilitation of amputees and provision of
wheelchair/ special seating with an essential multi-disciplinary team
approach to rehabilitation. The Disablement Services Centre covers 14 Health
Districts providing approximately 600 amputee referrals each year and
contains a population of about 4000 established amputees. The centre
contains full fabrication and workshop facilities staffed by a prosthetic
contractor. The Centre is nationally recognised for its pioneering work on
management of various congenital limb deficiencies and myoelectric

The gait analysis laboratory is equipped with a Kistler force platform,
postural sway plate, pedobarograph, EMG and a 2-D motion analysis system. It
is expected that a Vicon system will be added early part of year 2000.

The new appointee should have a Masters in Biomechanics or related field and
some experience in gait analysis pertaining to amputee rehabilitation. It is
not mandatory to have knowledge of prosthetics and orthotics as the new
appointee will undergo inservice training at Manchester DSC. Knowledge of
cerebral palsy gait and an interest in other gait problems would be an
advantage. The new appointee will conduct regular gait clinics, will have a
commitment to on-going and new research projects and be involved in a
regular teaching programme of the rehabilitation unit.

The post will start end January 2000. Please send a copy of your curriculum
vitae and a cover letter to:

Dr J. R. Kulkarni
Clinical Director
Manchester DSC
Withington Hospital
Cavendish Road
Manchester M20 1LB

Tel: 0161 613 7259
Fax: 0161 613 7201

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