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Michael Whittle
12-14-1999, 05:52 AM
I am sending this message to three related lists, so apologies if you
receive multiple copies!

In order to justify the cost of my gait lab, I have been asked to supply
details of the workload and staffing of other labs in the US.

I would be most grateful if someone from each US lab would spend a few
minutes to email me with VERY APPROXIMATE information on the following:

How many clinical patients do you see?
How many research patients do you see?
How many hours per month are spent on gait analysis by:
Physical therapists
Technicians or clerical staff
Very roughly, how much is reimbursed per patient (for all aspects of the

I will post a summary (without identifying the individual labs), when I
have got the data collated.

Many thanks!!

Mike Whittle
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