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Man Msgs
09-28-1992, 11:02 AM
Dear subscribers,

We have recently purchased a Motion Analysis 3D system and have a dilemma
facing us. We are not sure the best way to house this monolith. There
are two conflicting views here:

1. Make the system portable so that it can be used in a number of
locations including other labs, outdoors, etc.

2. House the system permanently in 1 location and thereby restrict
its use to experiments than can be run in what is known as the
biomechanics laboratory.

If there are people who have similar systems and have overcome this
dilemma I would be grateful to hear of your solutions. In fact, any
advice on the matter would be welcomed.

I thank you in advance of your assitance.


Robert Neal,
FAX 365 6877
PH 365 6240
EMAIL neal@brolga.cc.uq.oz.au