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Steven Plisk
12-17-1999, 01:39 AM

This is just one piece of the puzzle, but “priming exercise” has been shown to reduce early lactate formation. Some of the references cited below are overviews while others have addressed this issue directly. No doubt there must be other studies specifically dealing with things like tissue temperature, blood flow, etc.

Newsholme has also written several interesting articles and chapters on the “substrate cycling” concept, and the role of pre-activity warm-up. Hope this is helpful.

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> Dear listers,
> Is there anyone out there aware of any scientific studies on the effects of various warm up procedures on physical performance (spec. related to short term bouts of exercises like jumping, weight lifting, sprint running etc.). I have used on-line internet search engines and PubMed/Medline with little result. Funny thing is that allmost every sports medicine textbook claim the enhancing effects of a warm-up, but I have yet to see specific references to back that up! Any thoughts on resources/references/other? Thanks you for your time.
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