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Ton Van Den Bogert
12-17-1999, 02:22 AM
Dear subscribers,

You may remember the posting by Marco Viceconti on November 16th. You
may read the full text of that posting here:


It was the intention to start a public discussion on this topic after
the ESB executive board had the opportunity to write a response. No
response was submitted, so now I would like to open the discussion.

Although you are free to post anything, here are some suggestions:

- Criticism is most effective when it is constructive. Complaints are
not interesting, suggestions for change are. Marco's posting is a
good example to follow.

- Many of these issues are not unique to ESB. Most Biomch-L subscribers
are outside Europe and they might want to contribute to the discussion
based on experience in other societies. We don't need to limit the
discussion to biomechanics societies either, one could think of
successful professional societies such as IEEE.

As co-moderator of Biomch-L and member of the ISB executive board, I
personally feel it is important for societies to reinvent themselves
as the world changes. Many changes have occurred since these
societies were founded, not the least of which is the Internet and the
possibilities it offers for making connections between scientists.
Perhaps this is the reason why there is less interest in scientific
societies. But consider this: although a group such as Biomch-L may
satisfy your need for networking, it has no formal or democratic structure
and therefore nobody has authority to act or speak on behalf of you.
One reason why we need strong societies is to protect the interests of
science and scientists against those of business and government.

Your contributions to this discussion might help our societies become
more effective.

Please post your responses to Marco's letter to Biomch-L@nic.surfnet.nl.

Ton van den Bogert, Biomch-L co-moderator

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