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Tobias Sundberg
12-18-1999, 10:42 PM
Dear listers,

A big thanks to everyone providing input and comments on my post regarding effects on various warm-up procedures on physical performance. It turned out to be a somewhat controversial issue (as expected), and no doubt more research is needed in this area. Please find below a copy of my original message followed by a compilation of given references targeting this interesting area.

Happy holidays!


Tobias Sundberg, PT

Original message:

Is there anyone out there aware of any scientific studies on the effects of various warm up procedures on physical performance (spec. related to short term bouts of exercises like jumping, weight lifting, sprint running etc.). I have used on-line internet search engines and PubMed/Medline with little result. Funny thing is that almost every sports medicine textbook claim the enhancing effects of a warm-up, but I have yet to see specific references to back that up! Any thoughts on resources/references/other?


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