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Redfern, Mark
12-20-1999, 01:13 AM
> Dear student Biomch-L members,
> The American Society of Biomechanics has a competitive
grant-in-aid > competition. We encourage all graduate students that are
members of > ASB to > consider applying. The procedure is outlined in the
announcement > below.
> If you have any questions, please contact me.
> -Mark Redfern
> Mark S. Redfern, Ph.D..
> Associate Professor
> Departments of Bioengineering, Otolaryngology and Rehabilitation
> Science
> Director, Human Movement and Balance Laboratory
> University of Pittsburgh
> (412) 647-7923

ASB Graduate Student Grant*In*Aid Program
Year 3: First Announcement
Request for Letters of Intent
DEADLINE: Letter of Intent - February 1, 2000

The ASB Graduate Student Grant-in-Aid Program is now in its third
year of operation. The purpose of the Graduate Student Grant-in-Aid Program
is to aid and encourage student members of ASB in pursuing biomechanics
research by offering a source of research funding. Awards, which will be
distributed on a competitive basis, are meant to offset the costs directly
associated with conducting the research. Funds may be used for small
equipment items, materials and supplies, and animal or subject costs, but
cannot be used to support travel costs or salaries. The Executive Board
anticipates making 3*5 awards for the third funding period that will begin
Sept. 1, 2000. Award amounts are expected to range from $500 to $2500 for a
one*year period. Students must be members of ASB or have a membership
application pending no later than February 1, 2000 to be eligible for an
award. In addition, expected graduation date should not be earlier than
December, 2000.
A two*stage review process will be used. Interested students must
first submit a letter of intent that is postmarked no later than February 1,
2000. Submissions by electronic mail (Word or ASCII text) will also be
accepted. The letter of intent should identify: 1) the significance of and
need for the research to be conducted, 2) specific aims and hypotheses to be
examined, and 3) a brief overview of the methods to be employed. The letter
of intent should not exceed two single-spaced pages. Page margins should
not be less than 2.5 cm and font size not less than 11 point.
Those who receive a favorable review at this stage will be invited to
submit a full research proposal by May 1, 2000. The funding cycle will run
from September 1, 2000 to August 31, 2001.

Letters of intent should be submitted to:

Mark S. Redfern, Ph.D.
Human Movement and Balance Laboratory
110 EEI Building
200 Lothrop St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
email: redfernms@msx.upmc.edu
phone: (412) 647-7923

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