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Wineke Schoo
12-28-1999, 02:01 AM

3rd International Conference on Methods and Techniques in
Behavioral Research

Nijmegen, The Netherlands
15-18 August 2000


Following the success of Measuring Behavior '98, we are pleased
to announce that the 3rd International Conference on Methods and
Techniques in Behavioral Research will be held at the University of
Nijmegen, The Netherlands, 15-18 August 2000. Conference host
prof. dr. Alexander Cools and his fellow members of the program
committee have already begun to design an exciting scientific,
technical and social program.

Please find below a summary of the conference program, venue,
important dates and the organization. All details on deadlines,
presentation formats, Nijmegen, practical information, etc., can
be found on the new and extensive conference website:


Measuring Behavior 2000 will offer a variety of ways to gather and
exchange information. The program will consist of oral papers,
poster sessions, demonstrations, special interest groups (SIGs),
training sessions, user meetings, workshops, scientific tours, post-
conference sight-seeing, and a pleasant social program. All
presentations will deal with innovative methods and techniques in
behavioral research. Validation of a new technique is an acceptable
subject for a paper or poster. However, papers discussing
applications of proven techniques do not belong at Measuring
Behavior 2000. Presentations on physiological techniques are
welcome, as long as there is a clear link with behavior.

Contributions are welcome on the following topics:

Behavioral Recording
* Observational event recording
* Analog and digital video coding and annotation
* Classification, coding and automatic recognition of human body
* Recording human-computer interaction
* Marking, identification and video techniques
* Remote behavioral observation across the Internet
* Coding and annotating video streams across networks

Automatic Data Acquisition Techniques
* Activity monitoring
* Locomotion and flight compensators
* Automatic weighing and identification systems
* Radio tracking
* Video tracking
* GPS tracking of animal movement
* Remote sensing of animal movement
* Eye point of gaze tracking
* Techniques for studying flight behavior: radar tracking, 3D video
tracking, automatic flight mills
* Automatic recognition of facial expressions
* Automatic recognition of body postures and behavioral patterns
* Automatic logging of human-computer interactons (operation
* Measuring behavior in virtual environments

Brain Imaging and Behavior
* Real-time brain imaging and video analysis
* Cognitive neuroimaging: fMRI, EEG, MEG, PET, etc.

Biotelemetry and Behavior
* Using telemetry to measure body temperature, blood pressure,
ECG, EMG, activity, etc.
* Advances in biotelemetric instruments in small animals

Behavior and Physiology
* Data loggers and transponders
* In-vivo microdialysis
* Biosensors
* Thermal imaging
* New psychophysiological measures
* Measuring task performance: behavioral and psychological

Acoustics, Speech, Language and Behavior
* Acoustical monitoring
* (Ultra)sound recording
* Acoustical pattern classification and speech recognition (human
and animal)
* Annotation of multimodal corpora in linguistic research

Behavioral Analysis
* Sequential analysis
* Temporal pattern recognition
* Reliability analysis
* Analysis of locomotory tracks
* Integrated analysis of behavior and physiology

Behavioral Models
* New behavioral models and test paradigms
* Using touch screens in behavioral experiments (birds, mammals)
* Operant conditioning paradigms, techniques and tools

Teaching Behavior Research Methods
* New concepts and tools for teaching


Measuring Behavior 2000 will be held at the campus of the
University of Nijmegen. Nijmegen is a lively university town located
the central-east part of the Netherlands, with a history dating back
Roman times. Getting to Nijmegen is no problem; the city is within
reach by road and train from Schiphol Amsterdam airport. With
departments related to the interdisciplinary theme of the
including biology, psychology, social sciences, pharmacology and
a medical
school, the University of Nijmegen is an excellent venue for our


1 January 2000 - Deadline for submission of proposals for
symposia and program topics

15 February 2000 - Deadline for submission of proposals for
Special Interest Groups

1 April 2000 - Deadline for submission of abstracts for oral papers,
posters and demonstrations

1 April 2000 - Deadline for submission of proposals for workshops
and user meetings

1 June 2000 - Deadline for early registration (reduced fee)

15 -18 August 2000 - Measuring Behavior 2000

More information can be found on the newly designed conference
website: http://www.noldus.com/events/mb2000/index.html. At the
website you can also easily sign up for announcements (you can
receive these announcements by email or regular mail). In time,
you can also register on-line at the website and send in your
abstract submissions.


* Prof.dr. Alexander Cools, Department of
University of Nijmegen, Nijmegen, The Netherlands
(program chair and conference host)

* Dr. Maria Boccia, Frank Porter Graham Child Development
Center, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC, USA

* Prof.dr. Lou Boves, Department of Language and Speech,
Nijmegen Institute for Cognition and Information, Nijmegen, The

* Prof.dr. Peter Hagoort, F.C. Donders Center for Cognitive
Neuroimaging, University of Nijmegen, Nijmegen, The Netherlands

* Prof.dr. Berry Spruijt, Animal Welfare Center, Utrecht University,
Utrecht, The Netherlands

* Ir. Peter Wittenburg, Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics,
Nijmegen, The Netherlands

* Dr. Lucas Noldus, Noldus Information Technology b.v.,
Wageningen, The Netherlands


Conference Secretariat
Measuring Behavior 2000
P.O. Box 268
6700 AG Wageningen
The Netherlands
Phone: +31-317-497677
Fax: +31-317-424496
E-mail: mb2000@noldus.nl

Yours Sincerely,

Wineke Schoo
Chair of the Local Organizing Committee

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