View Full Version : defining posture

Stephen Sprigle
12-30-1999, 11:47 PM
in addition to the articles that you mentioned,
i periodically refer to:

anthropometric relationships of body and body segment moments of intertia,
mcconville, kaleps & cuzzi, 1980
wright-patterson air force base
report #AMRL-TR-80-119

erect, neutral and slump sitting postures: a study of the toso linkage
system from shoulder
to hip joint
mich state university, dept of biomechanics, 1994
report #AL/CF-TR-1994-0151

(report #'s from NTIS

anthropometry of motor vehicle occupants
schneider, robbins, pflug, snyder
university of michigan, 1983
for DOT

stephen sprigle
helen hayes hospital

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