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Fujao, Carlos
01-05-2000, 12:08 AM
Dear all,
Yesterday I've posted a message where I've asked for your help regarding the
more accurate methods and techniques for body measurement. Although when
I've mentioned that my target population was "Worker force population" I
didn't mean that I wish to measure the variable FORCE. What I intend to do
is body measurement itself!

I'm sorry for this language problem. I hope that now you'll all understands
it clearly.

Thanks for those who have replied....

Best regards;

In order to design Ergonomic Workstations we are thinking about developing
an Anthropometric study of our worker- force population. Although we are not
aware of the recent methods and techniques to take the body measurements
from each worker. Could you suggest to us some of them (and if possible the
advantages and disadvantages).

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,

Carlos Fuj„o
Quinta da Marqueza
2951-510 Quinta do Anjo
telf:+351-21-211 2728
fax:+351-21-211 2536
E-mail: carlos.fujao@autoeuropa.pt

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