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Hani Awad
01-05-2000, 10:34 PM
Dear All,

I am looking for a protocol/recipe for storing osteochondral cartilage specimens prior to compressive testing. The storage conditions should be such that they do not affect the intrinsic material properties (modulus and permeability) of cartilage.
I am aware of the procedures utilized by Athanasiou's group in which they used saline solution with protease inhibitors to store specimens at -80C [Athanasiou et al, JOR, 12:340-349, 1994; Athanasiou et al, JOR, 9:330-340, 1991]. I am also aware of the study by Kwan et al [J Biomech Eng, 114: 149-153, 1992] in which they used supplemented Earl MEM media to store the specimens at 4C. These studies claim that the methods they describe did not affect the biomechanical properties of cartilage in compression.

Is any body aware of more recent studies that challenge that claim and recommend alternative procedures? Does any body recommend an alternative protocol that he/she does not mind sharing??

Thanks a lot,

Hani Awad, PhD
Cincinnati, OH
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