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David P. Dillard
01-10-2000, 03:06 PM
Below you will find some citations that may be of some help in
your research regarding tripping and kinematics. Pardon the delay in
responding to your question and I hope that these citations will provide
some help to you. They are below your original request.

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On Mon, 8 Nov 1999, Liz Bryant (University of Brighton) wrote:

> I would be interested to hear of any studies (references) relating to the
> above. thanks in advance.


Citations Regarding Kinematics of Tripping


Authors: Kannus P. Parkkari J. Poutala J.
Accident & Trauma Research Center and Tampere Research
Center of Sports Medicine, UKK Institute for Health
Promotion Research, Finland. klpeka@uta.fi
Comparison of force attenuation properties of four different hip
protectors under simulated falling conditions in the elderly: an in
biomechanical study.
Source: Bone. 25(2):229-35, 1999 Aug.

Authors Boonen S. Pelemans W. Broos P.
Afdeling Geriatrie, Universitaire Ziekenhuizen K.U. Leuven.
[Risk of hip fractures in the elderly: biomechanical aspects of the
falling process]. [Review] [46 refs] [Dutch]
Original Title
Het heupfractuurrisico bij ouderen: biomechanische aspecten van het
Tijdschrift voor Gerontologie en Geriatrie. 28(4):172-7, 1997 Aug.

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