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01-13-2000, 07:38 PM
Dear Robert,

There is a One-chip board computer with 4ch A/D input, PIC16C711
computer,serial port and 256k memory in Japan. The device name is PIC-ADC.
It is electronic shop made cheap device, \1,600(Japanese Yen). It can
store the data within the device or access the device through serial port.
If you can read Japanese instruction manual, you can use it. Someone
developed it's linux porting programs.

See the electro shop web page
But, it is in Japanese page.

Best regards,

At 4:44 PM 00.1.13 -0500, Robert L. Sainburg, Ph.D. wrote:
L. Sainburg>Is anyone aware of serial port A/D devices? I am told that
there exist a/D
L. Sainburg>devices that take buffer high speed data acquisition that can
L. Sainburg>be read via serial communication. Can anyone give me info re:
L. Sainburg>THanks.
L. Sainburg>
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