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Laura Rocchi
01-19-2000, 03:12 AM
Dear all,
I'm starting a research project dealing with the methods for measuring the human posture (both static and dynamic) and I would like to have some informations and advices about STANDARDS used to measure posture.
For example:
1. methods for quantifying posture and measured variables (STANDARD
PARAMETERS: which parameters are mainly used?)
2. testing protocols (STANDARD PROTOCOLS: e.g. eyes open/closed, distance from visual target, trial durations, feet placement on the plate...)
3. data processing (hardware/software filtering, acquisition frequency, ...)
4. acquisition device: which kind of force platform (commercial, self-designed) and technology (strain-gages, piezo)

Are you aware of previous papers or publications in the field?
I know the work by Kapteyn et al. which appeared on Agressologie in 1983.
If you have more specific questions please reply to my e-mail address.
Thank you very much in advance.

Laura Rocchi
Department of Electronics, Computer Science & Systems
University of Bologna
email: laurar@virgilio.it

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