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Tobias Sundberg
01-21-2000, 09:38 AM
Dear list members,

I have had several interesting discussions with colleagues on the functional aspects of the deep hip rotator muscles, specially the piriformis. Several textbooks and clinical handbooks on stretching says that to target the piriformis muscle with a stretch by internally rotating the hip joint the hip must be in less than 60 degress of flexion (sagital plane). This would hypothetically be because as the hip moves into further flexion (>60 degrees) the piriformis changes "function" to become an internal rotator due to its insertion on the greater trochanter. Although I can imagine this from a theoretical standpoint, I have never seen any research to confirm this.

So my question to the list is: Does the piriformis change "function" depending on the degree of hip flexion (or other movs.)? Clinical aspects on this for sports and manual therapy? Your tips on references, sources, other is greatly appreciated? Thank you for your time.



Tobias Sundberg, PT

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