View Full Version : ground reaction force prediction

Kal Olavi Valjakka
01-26-2000, 10:12 PM
I am a masters student at Lakehead University researching predictors
of ground reaction force during walking and running. I would like to
examine previous prediction methods, and then perform a
meta-analysis. I am having difficultly locating sources that deal
with impact force modeling. Any method used to generate a regression
equation is acceptable (kinetic, kinematic, accelerometry, etc.). So
far I have located these sources:

1)Running impact force modelling. Stergiou & Bates
2)Factors influencing peak VGRF in running. Frederick & Hagy
3)Direct dynamics simulation of the impact phase in heel toe running.
4)A mechanical model to determine the influence of masses & mass
distribution on the impact force during running. Nigg
5)Structural & Functional predictors of regional peak pressures under
the foot during walking. Cavanagh
6)The prediction of vertical impact force during running. Frederick &
7)Running impact force modeling. Nigg & t. Van Den Bogert
8)The evaluation & prediction of impact forces during landings.
Dufeck & Bates
9)Prediction of human gait parametrs from temporal measures of
foot-ground contact. Breit & Whalen

Any other additional references, books or adivce would be

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