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unknown user
10-02-1992, 02:12 PM
Dear subscribers,

On behalf of the Biomch-L co-moderators, I apologize for the
entirely inappropriate posting today by Robert E. McElwaine
("biological transmutations"). He has been doing this to many
other Bitnet lists and Internet newsgroups recently, and his
own university cannot stop him, because of the 'freedom of
speech' in the USA constitution.

The Bitnet/LISTSERV system does allow control over who can post,
but we have not implemented that option (yet). It would mean
that many Biomch-L postings would have to pass through the
moderators first. We would lose reaction speed, and the list
would require constant attention. Hopefully, the number of such
incidents will remain small.

If you are sufficiently angry about this form of E-junk-mail, try
sending the poster a nasty message. That may help if enough
people do that. Do not post to Biomch-L, because that merely
increases the volume of irrelevant mail. You *are* allowed to
complain to the moderators, of course. That's what we are for.

This message is intended to explain our present policy; we will
not reply on Biomch-L to every incident in the future, but be
assured that we will take the appropriate action privately.

-- Ton van den Bogert, Biomch-L co-moderator
University of Calgary