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William Vicenzino
01-30-2000, 09:42 AM
For your information there now is a web site for the congress @:

I have linked it to my web page so if you got to it from my web
page address in previous communications there should now be a
better looking web page at the other end of your mouse click.


*********NEW INFORMATION AND WEB LINK************
Come visit us in Brisbane for the pre-Olympic Congress 2000 (7-13th September).
Infomation at:

Bill Vicenzino
Lecturer & Co-ordinator
M Phty Studies (Sports Phty)
University of Queensland Qld 4072 Australia

Phone: 07 33652781 Fax: 07 3365 2775
Email address(W): vicenzino@physio.therapies.uq.edu.au
************************************************** *********

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