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Robert U. Newton
02-01-2000, 01:48 AM
Thankyou to all those that replied to my request for information on US
suppliers of switch/contact mats. There are several companies that offer
products, some as complete systems which include software and hardware
others just supply switch mats. Most are industrial and are used to sense
the presence of an operator for safety purposes.

Industrial mats are available from:
Tapeswitch Corporation - http://www.tapeswitch.com/cm.htm
Honeywell -
Miller Edge -
Recora - http://www.recora-co.com/

Two people replied who recommended complete timing systems.

Perform Better - http://www.performbetter.com has a mat/timer combined
system on page 10 of their Catalog under TESTING & ANALYSIS or TIMING

Newtest Ltd - www.newtest.com received a very favourable report and they are
also distributed in the US by Perform Better.

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