View Full Version : BIOMCH-L archives accessible via anonymous FTP

H.j. Woltring, Fax/tel +31.40.413 744
10-03-1992, 02:37 AM
Dear Biomch-L readers,

As of this morning, the Biomch-L archives are accessible via anonymous
FTP at hearn.nic.surfnet.nl, login anonymous, no password, cd biomch-l.
Hans-Ulrich Giese, the national EARN/BITNET coordinator for The Nether-
lands, has kindly set up this facility for us.

The regular, monthly archives can be retrieved in ASCII mode via the
standard commands GET BIOMCH-L.LOGyymm, where yy = 89 ... 92, and mm =
01 ... 12 (the earliest archive is BIOMCH-L.LOG8906, i.e., for June 1989).
Also all other files are available here, but a disadvantage is that
they do not have their original names, but are numbered sequentially
as 00000001.BIOMCH-L, 00000002.BIOMCH-L, etc. It is not clear at this
moment how this should be changed. The commands appear to be case
insensitive, while a dot must be placed between file name and file
extension; when issueing a DIRectory command, the listed index does
not provide these dots, though.

Furthermore, there are files BIOMCH-L.DBINDEX and BIOMCH-L.DBNAMES which
are for internal ListServer use. The former contains the list of all
postings, with their originators and Subject lines plus a numerical code
which, I presume, indicates the year, month, and position in an archive
file, while the latter merely contains the names of the monhtly archives
and the number of records in each of them.

I hope that this facility will make it easier for the membership to access
our archives, especially in view of the increasing number of subscribers on
the Internet and BITNET subscribers whose machines are also on the Internet.
Note that (as posted some time ago) such double identities should be regis-
tered on BITNET, as you can find out by sending the command

SHOW ALIAS your_site_name

either interactively (on BITNET) or in the main body of an email note to
ListServ@hearn.bitnet or to ListServ@nic.surfnet.nl. If your receive a
negative reply, I suggest that you inform your local system management
that this should be done (if you do not know who they are, just send a

SHOW ADMIN your_bitnet_sitename

to the ListServer).

For those of you new on Biomch-L, I'd like to mention the existence of a
DataBase search facility. Send the command INFO DATABASE to the ListServer
for details, in the same manner as above for the SHOW ALIAS command, and
the command INFO ? for information on various other information files.
The latter command provides the INFO keyword command for the particular
file, and (in parentheses) the real name of that file as retrievable from
the ListServer through the GET or SEND commands.


P.S.: It would be nice if someone could provide a "pretty print" utility
that operates on the DBINDEX file (VM, VMS, UNIX, MSDOS, etc.?),
including the possibility to order on keywords in the Subject lines
or poster ID.