View Full Version : Definition of neutral as it applies to posture

Dennis Ankrum (nova Solutions)
02-02-2000, 04:56 AM

I am writing a paper concerning neutral neck postures at computer
workstations. It amazes me that in several ergonomics books I've looked
through, I have not been able to find any conceptual definitions of neutral
as it applies to posture. Does anyone have any sources for definitions? I'm
not looking for what neutral is for any particular joint, but something in
general. More than one would be good.

I don't have a copy of the Dictionary of Human Factors, so if that has a
definition in it, I would love to see it. If anyone has any brief definitions
that are not in a dictionary, those would be appreciated.

I've also put off finding it for too long, so rapid responses would be
greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Dennis Ankrum
Director of Human Factors Research
Nova Solutions

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