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Young-hoo Kwon, Ph.d.
02-07-2000, 12:28 PM
Dear colleagues:

I am in the process of moving the Kwon3D Homepage. Those of you who have
visited my website may want to update your bookmarks. The new URL of the
Kwon3D Homepage is "www.kwon3d.com and that of the "theoretical foundation
of motion analysis" page is www.kwon3d.com/theories.html. Here you will find
pages in two sections: (a) mechanical basis of motion analysis, and (b)
theories and practice in motion analysis. This website is still under
constructiion, but I hope you to enjoy visiting these pages. I would
appreciate any input, comments or criticism from the readership.


Young-Hoo Kwon
- Young-Hoo Kwon, Ph.D.
- Biomechanics Lab, PL 202
- Ball State University
- (765) 285-5126
- ykwon@bsu.edu
- http://www.cs.bsu.edu/~ykwon/

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