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02-08-2000, 05:47 PM
Thank you all for your responses to the following question I recently
posted on Biomech-1.

"Can anyone direct me to a book or other comprehensive source devoted to EMG
analysis of various everyday and/or sporting activities?"

Following is a summary of those responses:

Most people suggested Basmajian's Muscles Alive, a book that I am familiar
with. Unfortunately, although Basmajian does report EMG data for various
isolated movements (eg. knee extension, walking etc) the book does not
include analysis of other more complex activities.

Gordon Chalmers recommended for walking EMG The biomechanics and motor
control of Human Gait, David A Winter, University of Waterloo Press, 1987

Jarrod Meerkin recommended a review paper written by Clarys and Cabri
(1993)Electromyography and the study of sports movements. A review. Journal
of Sports Sciences. 11, 379-448.

Wendy Gilleard said G. Soderberg, Kinesiology, Application to Pathological
motion 1997 may be useful but not for sporting actions.

Kari Tiihonen, Export Manager for MEGA ELECTRONICS, a Finnish company that
manufactures EMH dataloggers, telemetries and software suggested I visit
their web site: http://www.meltd.fi. to find some literature hints on the
page What is EMG? / Literature.

Many others said, when I find one to please let them know!

Best regards,

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