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David A. Gabriel
02-10-2000, 12:56 AM

I am have started a new biomechanics program at my university and I would
like to ask some questions
of my colleagues who have established programs. Anonymity will be
maintained for all responses. These
questions are directed to those teaching in exercise science, kinesiology,
or PE undergraduate programs.
I will post the results.


1. What is the average class size for introductory biomechanics?
2. Do you teach multiple sections of introductory biomechanics?
3. What is the failure rate for introductory biomechanics?
4. What are there prerequists for introductory biomechanics?
5. What are the entrance requirements for your program?
6. What is the average class size for advanced biomechanics?
7. Do you teach multiple sections of your advanced biomechanics courses?
8. What are there prerequists for advanced biomechanics?

Thank you for your time.

Best Wishes,

David A. Gabriel

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